Hotdog Girl – A poem

I work at Greggs the bakers,
Selling sausage rolls,
Forgot my name badge yesterday,
Saw bosses talking profit goals.
They gave me someone else’s,
Someone named Mac Teeth
All day co-workers saw it,
Sniggering “you thief.”
I felt all down and gloomy,
Like fun had gone and died,
Tired, sad, exhausted,
But smile and smile I tried.


Then somewhere in the distance,
A ray of sunshine seen,
A girl heading across the road,
Hair streaked with brightest green.
Hotdog Girl, with nose ring,
Awesome coloured hair.
I saw you in the distance,
Walking off somewhere.
I stared out from my window,
Watching as you went.
One leg first and then the other,
Looking rather spent.
You looked to me, and noticed,
Signs for food and drink,
Long day I guess you must have had,
Like mine it made me think.

“Can I get a hot-dog?”
You said to my delight.
“A sausage roll you mean?”
Her face a mask of fright.
“Oh yeah, that’s so embarrassing!”
I most secretly agree.
“Oh no it’s not, loads do it.”
You rolled your eyes at me.
“Well you know what I meant.
One sausage roll for me.”
I looked at her, still smiling,
Then let her know the fee.
“That’s weird” she said, slight pausing,
“More expensive than before.”
“Yeah they upped the price,
But only five pence more.”

Then as you went to leave,
An obstacle, surprise!
A bin bag on the floor,
Beneath your pretty eyes.
With a little scream,
You fell right to the ground,
Letting free your sausage roll,
Red faced at the sound.
I laughed a little, to myself,
At you there on the floor.
Then you looked and caught my eye,
Started straight towards the door.

You stopped before the exit,
Turned, looked quickly back.
You started big wide grinning,
Said “hey, I’ll see you, Mac.”
My heart went o’ a flutter,
My mind alight with glee,
The day had not been all that bad,
At the thought of you and me.

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