The website Rainymood is a recent addition to my arsenal of heavy duty anti-sadness firepower. It has a simple function; it merely plays realistic sounds of rain outside. Despite this, it’s easy to access and immediately effective, nutralising many of the most extreme feelings of panic through its healthy dose of rhythmic pitter patter and thunderous rumblings. I use it mostly to help me focus, or draw my focus away from things it would do best to avoid. If I’m trying to sleep but realise it’s just not happening, thanks to all those pesky thoughts getting in the way, I’ll stick on an audiobook. I’ll try to whisk myself away to a whole new landscape with whole new problems, problems which, unlike my own, really are worth worrying about. That should keep me out of the cyclical nightmare evenings bring forth. 

Of course, thoughts are powerful things, and they vie for attention with unceasing vigor. Stephan Fry’s voice, no matter how perfectly it embodies the spirit of a house elf, simply cannot win in a battle with the brain. That’s where Rainymood comes in. When a loss looks inevitable, when the tides of battle appear rigid and immovable, the battlecry of a gentle storm calls out over the fighting, and all heads turn to listen.

The almost magical way the sounds of nature can calm me down is such a brilliant realisation to stumble upon. The fact that it’s rain, too, only adds to the joy of it. Often, when I’m outside and exploring the world, the threat of rain is a terrible worry indeed. Rainymood made me realise what a brilliant thing this most feared of weather can become, which the right outlook. A calming, constant song, the sounds of rain cast a special kind of spell, the sort of spell that, like The Chris Gethard Show’s Mimi on the Hoops, works effortlessly in the background, never drawing too much attention to itself and always providing a nice surprise once you notice it. 

It’s taken me awhile to notice that beautiful sound, but with the help of Rainymood, I finally have. My anti sadness arsenal grows ever stronger. Soon, I hope, it shall be undefeatble.

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