Dolphin Woman

She had arrived, the rainclouds a herald to her coming. Dolphin Woman regarded me from the doorway, a sweet smile playing tentatively on her lips. “Hey” I said, as she approached. My voice grew weak beneath her gaze. “Nice day, eh?”

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Sleeping Downstairs

When sleeping on the wrong side of the bed isn’t quite enough, and you still feel like a despair mole (a rare species that bury themselves beneath the physical manifestation of sadness rather than dirt), don’t fret! Here’s another top tip for digging your way towards the surface!

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The Goonies, The Young Offenders, and living your own adventure.

The Young Offenders doesn’t really feel anything like The Goonies as you’re watching it, but the similarities are there. So I think that’s why the Young Offenders reached me as powerfully as it did. It tapped into that longing for adventure I have that’s been left unfulfilled from childhood. It taps into that regret I feel over what I didn’t do. But then, quiet enough so that I almost didn’t notice, it made me realise it’s not over, yet. Times not up.

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Sitting in silence

I told my girlfriend, before she bit my tongue off and we decided to end the whole thing, that I didn’t understand why we would ever just walk in silence. I didn’t get it. It was new to me; I didn’t go anywhere without sound, be it podcasts or my friends.

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