The Goonies, The Young Offenders, and living your own adventure.

The Young Offenders doesn’t really feel anything like The Goonies as you’re watching it, but the similarities are there. So I think that’s why the Young Offenders reached me as powerfully as it did. It tapped into that longing for adventure I have that’s been left unfulfilled from childhood. It taps into that regret I feel over what I didn’t do. But then, quiet enough so that I almost didn’t notice, it made me realise it’s not over, yet. Times not up.

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Caravan Boy

I remember he was thin, and pale, and bony. I remember he didn’t speak English, and was stuck out here like me, friendless and lonely. I remember how we met, and how we laughed, and how easily we overcame the language barrier. And that’s about it. He disappeared from my life just as quickly as he entered it.

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