The Sidney Theorem

Something I have learned in the past few weeks is that you don’t have to search far and wide for that mysterious answer to all your troubles. Sometimes, the solution is sitting right there, in a puddle of his own fat. Sidney, my dog, and my guru, has many lessons to teach. If only he would deem us worthy enough to learn them.

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Sitting in silence

I told my girlfriend, before she bit my tongue off and we decided to end the whole thing, that I didn’t understand why we would ever just walk in silence. I didn’t get it. It was new to me; I didn’t go anywhere without sound, be it podcasts or my friends.

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Medicine TV

Sometimes, when I’m all wrapped up in bed covers, and all I can hear is the gentle pitter patter of rain against my window, I feel like it might just be this way forever. Being sad is freeing, sometimes, when you can cry and shake and run through all the angry, unfair, stupid things that are going wrong. That’s not this kind of sad, though. This time, it’s just a bit lonely and hopeless, just a bit nothing. But then the TV flickers on, and a dim light illuminates my room. The joyful theme to Parks and Recreation starts, and I smile, and things get just a little brighter.

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