The Rest of Us Just Live Here

I always hear people say that teenagers feel things too strong. Maybe the phrasing of that’s unfair, perhaps they don’t mean it as any kind of insult. But I do get the impression teenagers are supposed to feel things more intensely than ‘grown-ups’, no matter how small or trivial that thing is. Patrick Ness is a writer whose books are often about teenagers, and I think he’d agree that things feel big when you’re young. What he captures better than anyone else, though, is the reality of those feelings, the truth of them.

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A Monster Calls

A Monster Calls drowns you in an ocean of tears. It forces you beneath the waves, ties weights to your feet, watches you struggle for air with perfect passivity. Then it gives you a raft. Just a small one, with barely enough room to move. But it’s still a raft.

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